Compared to other agricultural crops, the cultivation of potatoes requires a particularly high level of protection against soil erosion.

Compared to other agricultural crops, the cultivation of potatoes requires a particularly high level of protection against soil erosion. The most serious risk of soil erosion occurs during heavy rainfall on slopes and especially during the period when the potato has not reached the state of complete canopy establishment (a closed ”haulm-shelter” covering the ridges). Heavy rainfall may lead to water accumulation between the ridges, so that even on slopes of less than 2 % water can drain off and cause soil displacements. As a result, fertile soil as well as fertilisers and pesticides are washed away from the field and deposited into other ecosystems.

In the event of soil erosion, the potatoes are partially exposed to sunrays which than lead to a green surface of the tubers so that they cannot be marketed. In extreme cases, when entire ridges are rinsed away, the emergence of the potatoes is completely prevented at these areas. In the course of vegetation, this leads to difficult cultivation of the (weedy) culture and a reduction in yield.

The Solution: Protection against erosion when using the dyking system called TerraProtect
The patent pending system TerraProtect, consists of one loosening tine with integrated stone protection and a subsequent small dyking device, which works between the ridges. It can either be used in combination with a potato planter or with ridging tillers. The loosening tine loosens the underground and thus increases the capacity of water absorption of the soil. The dyking-share, adapted to the contour of the ridges, generates traverse-dams (so-called dykes) for water storage. Various setting possibilities are available for a perfect adaptation to the specific soil conditions. This protects the productive soil and ensures an even water supply for the crop.

TerraProtect is available in two versions. In the basic version, TerraProtect is operated directly via double acting hydraulic control box of the tractor. The desired spacing of the dykes is simply set by an adjustable valve on the machine. The creation of spraying tracks is possible by manually switching off certain rows.

The TerraProtect Pro connects with an intelligent control for comfortable operation from the tractors cab. The maximum protection against soil erosion is achieved by an even spacing of the dykes, so an equal amount of water can be stored everywhere. This is made possible by an automatic control system that adapts the frequency of dyking to variable driving speeds. The TerraProtect Pro offers convenient single ridge switching for each dyker and an integrated spraying track switch-off for increased comfort.

The different versions of the TerraProtect system are now available for different machines of spring technology.