EVO 260 - The GRIMME EVO family is growing

Picture: The modern, functional design simplifies maintenance work and minimises the risk of blockages caused by weeds, haulm or sticky soil.

The new, two-row potato harvester EVO 260 follows on from the SE 260 and features a mechanical or a completely hydraulic drive system for all main webs and separators. With its 2 separators and the spacious, ergonomic picking table, it is particularly suitable for farms that harvest very gently and want to sort the potatoes by hand while still in the field. The machine comes with a 6 t bunker, is suitable for tractors from 120 hp and can be ordered for the 2024 harvest season.

The EVO 260 is equipped with a new "swing frame geometry" for the crop-intake to save weight and prevent possible haulm build-up. As an option, the machine can be provided with the TerraTronic depth control system, which provides either automatic ridge pressure relief (on light soils) or ridge pressure regulation (recommended on heavy soils).

For an ideal separation result, the speeds of the first and second main webs can be set independently of each other. In addition to the automatic speed adjustment of the separators ("Speedtronic-Sep"), with "Speedtronic-Web" the main web speed can be controlled fully automatically, load-dependently and in relation to the harvest speed, thus relieving the driver and protecting the crop.

More space and comfort for picking staff
On the road, the transport width can be reduced to less than 3.30 m. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a canopy for the picking staff and a 6 t NonstopBunker. To improve comfort, height-adjustable steps are available on the picking table, which provide the picking personnel with a comfortable working height. Also available are a waterproof storage boxs, paddings on the picking table, drinks holders and a 15-litre hand wash tank.  A new accessory package is also available for extra convenience, including an aluminium extension ladder, two long cleaning scrapers and a storage box for a toolbox on the drawbar.

Chassis for improved ground compaction protection and extra pushing-power
With its low tare weight of 10.5 to 11.8 t and 800/45R30.5 radial tyres, the GRIMME EVO 260 is particularly easy to pull and gentle on the ground. In order to be able to harvest in adverse conditions, the right wheel can optionally ordered as a hydraulically driven wheel. This allows a maximum torque of 10 500 Nm at the wheel, with an additional pushing power of 1.5 t.

Clearly arranged and easy to operate
Operation of the EVO 260 is convenient and is done via ISOBUS as standard. The GRIMME Digital Interface (GDI) provides the operator with an ideal overview of the machine parameters to be set. Using an optional available telemetry unit, taskdata, machine- and location parameters can be transmitted to the end customer portal myGRIMME, or via "agrirouter" to the farm's own Farm Management Information System (FMIS). In combination with a weighing scale which is fitted below the picking-web, site-specific georeferenced mass mapping is also made possible. The automatically transferred data can be accessed via the myGRIMME portal.

Thanks to the SmartView video system, all relevant functions remain permanently in view. All-round visibility in the dark is also significantly improved by the new LED ambient lighting.

The optional central lubrication system for bunker, axle and drawbar increases comfort and reduces wear.

Picture: The picking platform can be folded out on the left side. In total (left and right side) it offers space for up to 8 people.