New 4-row cup planter PRIOS 440

Picture: Side view of the new PRIOS 440 at the Grimme farm in Cappeln.

For the 2023 season, GRIMME will introduce the first 4-row trailed potato planter with a transport width of less than 3 m and complete EU type-approval. In addition, the PRIOS 440 offers innovative solutions in the tractor attachment area, ridge shaping and provides all the prerequisites for precision- and smart-farming solutions.

Wide range of combinations
With the help of a goose neck drawbar which is coupled to an intermediate frame and a separate lifting mechanism, the planter can be combined with any common implement for active soil cultivation (rotary harrow, rotary tiller).

The separate lifting mechanism allows a quick change between different soil cultivation implements. The depth guidance of the soil cultivation is independent of the potato planter, which means the planting depth of the tubers can be accurately maintained.

New depth guidance concept
The depth control of the fertiliser outlet discs, furrow openers, covering discs and the ridge shaping unit is independent of each other. 4 feeler wheels at the front of the machine and 2 ultrasonic sensors in front of the ridge shaping unit detect the working depth and thus ensure optimum depth control and consistent emergence of the tubers.

Completely Section Control Capable
In order to save money and resources, the fertiliser box, the barrel system and the planting elements can be switched on/off separately from each other and for each row individually via Section Control (single-row switch on/off with so-called "Multiboom function"). This can significantly reduce nutrient inputs into the environment, especially when creating spraying tracks or planting on wedge-shaped fields. Unnecessary pulverisation of the fertiliser in the fertiliser box is prevented by the row-specific shut-off of the metering auger and the agitator shaft.

New innovative ridge shaping unit
To build-up ridges with a smooth surface, the ridging bodies made of plastic (PE) can be combined with closed ridge crown plates or - for a loose, crumbly surface - with cage rollers. For the first time, ridge shaping can also be realised with a combination of ridge crown plates and cage rollers. The unique "hybrid-ridge shaping unit" creates a ridge with stable, smooth flanks and an open-pored crown. This combines the advantages of a shaping board with those of a cage roller. The hybrid-ridge shaping unit can be converted and adjusted in the field without any tools, allowing flexible adaptation of the ridge shaping process to soil conditions as well as customer requirements. In order to increase the water absorption of the soil (infiltration rate) and to prevent soil erosion, the ridge shaping unit can be additionally equipped with the dyking-system "TerraProtect".

Road transport width less than 3.00 m
In many European countries, an exceptional permission for road traffic must be applied for from a machine width of more than 3.00 m. Commonly, 4-row planters, with a row width of 75 cm, have a road transport width of ~3.30 m. The PRIOS 440 with a row width of 75 cm can be equipped with two telescopic axles. This allows the working width of 3.30 m to be reduced to a road transport width of less than 3.00 m for the first time. Protruding machine parts, such as the soil guiding plates, the outermost ridging bodies and loosening tines are retracted into the machine contour. Thanks to the complete EU type-approval, the PRIOS 440 can be driven in road traffic without an exeptional permission, which significantly simplifies interplant or even cross-border use.

SmartView video system and connectivity to myGRIMME
Operation of the PRIOS 440 is convenient and is done via ISOBUS as standard. Either the ISOBUS operator terminal of the tractor or the ISOBUS operator terminals type CCI 800 or CCI 1200 can be used for this purpose. The "SmartView" video system equipped with a 12" touchscreen monitor, zoom function, live slow motion, live image transmission via WLAN, Visual Protect PRO and the option of image recording, ensures a good overview of all machine functions. The connection to the Internet platform myGRIMME enables an exchange of machine- and task data, via agrirouter, with the farm's own Farm Management Information System.

The PRIOS 440 with an implement for active soil cultivation in the field.

The PRIOS 440 with 40 kmph permission for road transport.

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