Upgrade for the NonstopBunker of the GRIMME EVO 280

Picture: Side view of the EVO 280 with 7.5 t NonstopBunker

The two-row bunker harvester, EVO 280, is equipped with three large separators and is suitable for various crops, such as potatoes, onions and carrots. Up to now, the EVO 280 could optionally be equipped with a patented 6 t NonstopBunker, which enables gentle and loss-free bunker unloading during harvesting.

For the 2022 harvest season, GRIMME offers an enlarged NonstopBunker with a capacity of 7.5 tonnes as an option. This can further increase the performance of the harvester as well as that of the transport logistics. Thanks to the generously dimensioned overloading height and width, large distances can be bridged between the harvester and transporting trailers and even high transport vehicles can be loaded easily and conveniently while harvesting.

Despite the larger bunker, the EVO 280 has a road transport width of less than 3.00 m including full EU type-approval. This means that it can be used on roads throughout the EU without a special permit.

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