Cooling- VE systems

GRIMME Skandinavien has the know-how and experience to guide you in storing your crop with the best possible result.

For drying, wound healing, cooling and storing potatoes, onions and carrots with a minimum of inventory losses, GRIMME Skandinaviens know-how is essential.

Quality in - quality out ...

The right temperature, the right humidity and the right air flow are three crucial elements for this year's harvest to overwinter in storage without loss.

A stock is not a hospital, but a man-made attempt to copy the qualities of nature. With this in mind GRIMME Skandinavien is your future partner, also when it comes to the warehouse.

Our specialists are by your side from the first phase.

Counseling and design of new and old warehouses, real insulation with polyurethane foam panels, and years of experience in putting together the right solution quarantees the best result at the right price.

Small coolers for strawberries, dill, vegetables and fruits require the same expertise as large cooling pools for several thousand tons of potatoes, onions or carrots. Mobile Compact units or fixed installations adapted to the needs of the individual stock.

It is our professional opinion that growers will see the cost of aeration and cooling systems as a long term investment to ensure against losing revenue because of improper or poor storage.