KS KSA Haulm Topper

Year by year haulm cutting becomes more and more important for the harvest. For more than one good reason: Haulm toppers do not only allow an easier harvesting but also guarantee a more efficient harvest!

Haulm cutting several weeks before harvesting is one important step towards a successful harvest. It influences the yield, the quality and the storability of the potatoes.

Whether it is for table, processing or seed potatoes: haulm cutting is an essential part of the campaign. Even for starch potatoes it is becoming more and more important; especially because topping before harvest produces even maturing and skin setting. This means that the potato is less sensitive and the roots detach easier from the crop.

Another advantage: Less haulm during harvest means increased speed during digging – the refore increased output. Less haulm leads to less damage and less work for the separator. The result is better separation of the crop. The crop is cleaner and potato losses are reduced. – With the haulm topper you get more for yourself!

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