SE 150/170-60 2-row Potato Harvester

Absolutely innovative, robust and reliable – the SE 150/170-60 from GRIMME.

The 2-row, off-set trailed potato harvester for high output per hectare per day. The modular design tailors the machine to suit individual requirements. Simple operation of settings and maintenance, designed for easy harvest in difficult conditions.

Good view to the right-hand side intake and the well dimensioned picking table enable a simple operation. 2 main webs, one followed by the other, ensure highest separation and gentle crop handling: because the use of two webs avoids rolling of the crop and optimizes the separation on the 1st web. Following the 2nd main web sieves off the rest of the soil, the deviner web separates the haulm and the crop flows gently onto the following separator – all in one working step! Low angled main webs, minimized drop heights and a soft bunker floor ensure gentle crop handling in the harvester. A powerful program for the harvest: the SE 150/170-60!

During the Agritechnica 2009 in Hannover, the world’s largest exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment, GRIMME introduced a new high-performance separator for output increase as well as a new 5.8 ton overloading bunker for the new, two-row trailed potato harvester SE 150-60: The new heavy-duty separator was developed for increasing the digging speed and is most practical in case of high yields as well as for windrowing.

During that procedure the SE 150-60 may take in 4 rows at once.This yield increase is realized by an extension of the 1st separator and the enlarging of the 2nd separator. In addition, the 1st separator is equipped with 3 instead of 2 scraper rollers.
Those operators who handle large impact lengths and wish for less discharge periods at the headlands, GRIMME has designed the new 5.8 ton overloading bunker which is equipped with a bunker and an unloading web. 

In order to ensure gentle product handling and avoid drop steps towards the respective transport vehicle, even with various platform heights, the discharge web is lowerable and furnished with active side combs.

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