SE 260 2-row Bunker Harvester


For useres who reach their harvesting limitations with a single row harvester, GRIMME has developed the new 2-row off-set trailed potato harvester, the SE 260 with 6 tonnes capacity bunker. The digging technology is based on the efficient and gentle harvesting elements of the two row SE 150 - 60 and the simple crop flow of the single row SE 75 - 55. The compact construction of the 10.7 m long and 3.3 m wide machine is very agile, with many advantages es-pecially at the headlands. The weight of 9.2 tonnes and the wide tyres up to 800 / 45 - 30.5 ensures low ground compac-tion. The SE 260 is suitable for tractors up to 110 hp.
Equipped with operator terminals, the VC 50 or the ISOBUS terminal CCI 200 which includes a joystick box available as option, the SE 260 offers the complete comfort of modern potato harvesters. Other options of the SE 260 are the high quality camera system, an automatic axle self-centre steering and automatic levelling.

With the 260 GRIMME supplements the successful SE 150 - 60 series and offers a price attractive start in the more efficient 2-row bunker harvester section.