SE 75/85-55 single-row Potato Harvester


"There is nothing, that cannot be improved". - From this statement the new SE 75/85-55 was developed. Nowadays this harvester is among the most widely sold offset trailed potato harvester of its kind.

More than 8,000 machines have been supplied and are working away reliably. High quality harvesters made by GRIMME. Based on the successful SE-technology, GRIMME now presents the most powerful single row harvester in its class, the SE 75/85-55.

The harvester has approved with various further development for practical use. Among other things, it is now equipped with a large bunker (5,5 t). as well as the latest GRIMME digital technology. This harvester matches the requirements of the potato grower, who is looking for a harvester, which fits between the existing 1-row and 2-row machines.

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