SV 260 2-row Bunker Harvester


Gentle and effective on all soils. That is the new SV 260 or SV 275.

The new name was the basic for the new development:

  • Off-set trailed 2-row intake unit
  • High variability range of separators
  • Large bunker with 6.0 or 7.5 t capacity

These are only some main innovations of the machine. More features start with the gentle crop intake at the intake unit. Therefore it is possible to equip the harvester as option with the DLG-awarded depth control TERRA-CONTROL. Long, shallow running main webs support a very gentle moving of the crop flow in the harvester. The modular concept of the separators enables an optimum adoption of the specifications for the various soil conditions and requirements.

After the haulm and trash separation the crop flows into one of the three available bunkers:

  • Moving floor bunker with 6.0 t capacity
  • Moving floor bunker with 7.5 t capa
  • Over loading bunker with 5.8 t capacity

This enables to adopt the machine also to the following transport chain.

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