VARITRON 270 2-row Self-propelling Cart Harvester

The VARITRON 270 is a Self-propelling Cart Harvester with a 7 tonne moving floor bunker – a potato harvester that will provide the highest harvesting, sieving and separating output, under different harvest conditions.

You see the success from the start with the unique view of the intake unit and intake web. The harvester with a choice of a 326 HP Mercedes-Benz engine ensures that the machine always has the power to adapt to the different harvesting conditions in potato and vegetable fields.

Separator options available include Roller Separator, VARIORS, MULTISEP, Double-MULTISEP, and fine Haulm Elevators bottom and top (single or in combination). Customers can also choose from wheels all round, or a combination of large wheels and rubber track unit (left-hand side) to extend the harvesting season in adverse conditions. As always at Grimme the main focus is gentle harvesting combined with maximum possible output. Grimme’s innovative VISUAL-CONTROL VC 100 touch screen terminal provides the operator with extensive monitoring and control possibilities. Harvesting success with the VARITRON 270.

For emptying the bunker both a long and a short moving-floor bunker web are conveying the crop sensor-controlled in the high-capacity 1.2 m wide transfer elevator which also provides for an even filling. Due to the new longitudinal flow principle while harvesting, the drop step of the p.o.b. web into the bunker and during emptying the bunker stays constantly small due to the fact that no dump cone is moved sideways.

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