The importance of fertilizing has been tested - and proven several times. Fertilizing under the potatoes has a good influence on growth. For economical reasons it is recommended to fertilize during the planting, in order to reduce one working step and save time.

A precise fertilizing is very important for. It is recommended, that the fertilizer is at the right- and left- hand side and slightly deeper in the soil as the seed potato. That supports the growing in the depth and reduces green potatoes significantly.

With the GRIMME Front Fertilizer Unit you reach these demands. The fertilizing distance to the seed potato is adjustable as necessary for the different varieties.

Tensioning chains at the front hydraulic control the necessary depth and the drive wheel or drive roller (option) ensure a slipping free drive.

The 2-row fertilizer was especially developed for planting two rows into a bed, no matter if separated or non-separated beds.

The fertilizer is mounted on a stable frame and based on the reliable 4-row fertilizer unit.

Additional extension wings (option) enable filling of the unit with various wide shovels.