GB215 2-row belt planter

The name GB 215 (Grimme Belt Planter) stands for the new generation of 2-rows belt planters with a 1.5 t bunker capacity. The special design enables high working speed and a gentle handling of seed potatoes.

The setting of the planting distance and other functions are comfortably set via the operator terminal VC 50 and a joy-stick box in the tractor cab.

The short construction, hydraulic steering and planting element levelling enable an accurate planting also at slopes! The accurate planting is controlled with following proven combination:

  • a sensor controls that only the necassary amount of tubers is transferred to the planting elements.

  • round belts, arranged as a flat hollow, ensure a close-band of tubers, reducing rolling and friction.

  • conveyors, returning excess crop to the back. 

A counter controls the numbers of planted potatoes. The number is shown on a display.

For the planting in separated beds, a special unit with a soil guiding system under the machine is available. The FLOW-BOARD was awarded with a silver medal by the DLG. Furrow openers are integrated in the shaping board "Flow Board" which ensure an exact planting depth on various ground conditions and create a wellshaped ridge to cover the crop and reduce greens. The hydraulic depth control is comfortably set from the terminal.

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