GB330 3-row belt planter

GB330 - plant more per square meter.

The new 3-row GB 330 belt planter is based on the successful GB 230.

The row width is set at a fixed setting of 42 cm and is not able to change. Especially for seed-potato producers, the better distribution per square meter is a positive development.

Adoption to various varieties is possible by the switching off of the centre planting element and creating a 2-row machine set at 84 cm row width.

With the special features of the belt planter a higher working speed compared with cup planters is possible. The 3 ton bunker has enough capacity to ensure a high acreage is planted per fill of the hopper.

For potato planting in separated beds there is a special soil deflection unit fitted to the machine. This so called FLOW-BOARD was awarded the silver medal at the Agritechnica by the DLG. It is a combination of a shaping board with a furrow opener which follows the contours of the ground thus ensuring a constant coverage of the planted crop in a well-shaped ridge. This leads to better crop growth and reduced greens. The hydraulic depth control is operated from the terminal mounted in the tractor cab.