GB430 4-row belt planter

The 4-row Grimme Belt planter GB 430 is the right choice for planting potatoes in narrow spacing. Or planting of unsorted or not well sorted potatoes as well as with very long and thick tubers.

The hydraulic tipping bunker transfers the crop on 4 single tranfer belts. Followed by the horizontal, round feedíng belts (black). The round centre belts control the crop position for planting. Excess crop returns to the back on conveyors (green) at the right or left hand side.

Setting of the planting distances is also easy, the required amount of crop per hectare is continiously controlled. And to detect any planting misses emmediately the machine miss indicators via ultra-sonic control is standard.

The innovative, awarded FLOWBOARD comes as standard with this planter. The combination of the furrow opener and shaping board ensures an even covering of the crop for perfect growth.

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