GL-420 Exacta 4-row cup planter

Sometimes it is worth it to look back to realize the technical advantages. That especially effects the new "Exacta". Ten years ago GRIMME developed a rear carried planter combining cultivation, planting and ridge shaping. Back then we turned the planting elements "around" to achieve that the bunker is as close to the tractor as possible. This construction can actually result in inaccurate planting disctances. Different growing and a bigger spreading of the crop are the effects.

The GL 420 Exacta redefines the accurate planting distance for carried "Combi planters". The distinctive construction especially performs their advantages in small, curvy fields and on slopes.

Normally a GRIMME RT 300 is fitted to the machines for cultivation. As alternative is it also possible to combine the planter with a power harrow Zirkon 10 from Lemken. Both machines crumble the soil and prepare good growing conditions for the seed potatoes.

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