GL410 4-row cup planter

The potato planter GRIMME GL 410 fitted directly to the rear of the tractor enables a high agility, which is necessary on many potato areas. The new developed series of 4-row potato planters meets these requirements.

A special feature is the chassis, which is integrated far in front, and in front of the covering discs. In spite of the massive carrier frame, the short lifting distance keeps the planter comparatively light, so depending on the options attached, a tractor of just 44 kW can handle the machine.

The wellknown GRIMME planting elements are fitted in the planter to ensure an accurate planting. Various options are available in order to customize the planter for different demands.

You have a choise of 3 bunkers: Fixed bunker (1,0 t), flat tipping bunker (1,2 t) and a deep tipping bunker (1,2 t).

For growers, who want to perform several working steps in one, the option to choose a shaping board or cage roller is at hand. Due to the short, compact design the GL 410 planter can be mounted on the tractor and, depending on its equipment, is suitable for both farmers and contractors. 

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