Mechanical precision seeder - MATRIX for beet and other crops

The 12-row MATRIX 1200

At the Agritechnica 2015 Grimme will launch the MATRIX new precision seeder for sugar and fodder beet, chicory and canola. The machine is available for 12- or 18- rows, either with 45, 48 or 50 cm row width.

The MATRIX has the standard following features, a mulch seed unit with two front running cutter discs, two Farmflex wheels for depth control as well as a 4-times adjustable mechanical load of the seeder unit with up to 90 kg per row (hydraulic adjustment up to 190 kg available on option). A standard seed unit is also available.

After singling of the seed into a seed plate it drops only 2.5 cm into the furrow and ensures an exact deposit. The following 5 kg heavy, free swinging, rubber covered pressure rollers ensure a good covering of the seed. Four different units for the various soil conditions are available for a good seed covering.

The inner filled seed plate is driven by electro motors, which also creates the driving tracks as well as closer planting next to the driving tracks (Clever Planting). This is standard as well as the seed deposit in triangular (delta or matrix seeding) or parallel seed. In combination with a GPS system the seeder automatically stops planting at headlands and in key beds (Section Control).

For the driver's comfort focus is on an ergonomic and comfortable design.

Intuitive operation of the ISOBUS compatible MATRIX via the colour touch-screen terminal - CCI 100. Two boxes allow room for carrying extra seed and a vacuum cleaner for remaining seed emptying etc. The seed plate have a tool-free and spring loaded emptying flap. The MATRIX fitted with a granulate castor is available as an option.

The MATRIX has been developed by the beet technology manufacturer Kleine in Salzkotten which was taken over by Grimme in 2012. Production will be limited in 2016. Experience by Kleine has influenced the development of the MATRIX. Now with the MATRIX adding to the product range Grimme is the only full-liner for beet technology in the world.



The 18-row MATRIX 1800